Data Utilization Consent

AFN operates with a Data Propriety Pledge (below) in its Privacy Policy, whereby all raw data that originates from the commercial or personal operations and conditions of a registered user, remain in principle the property of such respective registered user and may not be provided to any third party. The details of the Privacy Notice, the Data Propriety Pledge and the Terms and Conditions are available on the website of AFN, where you will register yourself. The AFN Privacy Notice is compliant with South African, European Union, United Kingdom and Swiss law on protection of personal information.

According to its Privacy Policy, AFN requires that you explicitly provide consent, that AFN is permitted to forward your data to King Price, which is identifiable to you individually or to your operations, so that King Price can offer the Pay-As-You-Farm Insurance Policy. Your signature provided this consent.

The Africa Farmers Network Data Propriety Pledge

AFN creates value for farmers and for itself by making use of personal, financial and operational data from registered users. With registration, a licensing agreement comes into force that stipulates that all raw data remains in principle the property of the respective registered users. Raw data are data that originate from the commercial or personal operations and conditions of a registered user, and which have not been aggregated, processed, transformed or otherwise been treated, except for being sent, received or stored.

The initiators, founders, managers, employees and suppliers of any AFN Group company pledge both in this licensing agreement and in their respective employment or service contracts, that they will not provide or sell any registered user’s raw data to other parties outside of AFN. If the raw data is utilized in third party tools and instruments outside of AFN, for instance to provide useful information and analytics to the registered users, then it will be ensured that such third party may not be capable of accessing the farmer’s raw data and divert them to their own uses.

The same licensing agreement grants permission to AFN to aggregate, process, transform or otherwise treat the raw data into synthesized results, and valorize such synthesized data both for itself and the benefit of the registered users, for instance by designing insightful decision-making models, or by sharing them with third parties. Synthesized data must be irreversible, so they shall not allow disaggregation back to the raw data identifiable to a particular individual registered user (the raw egg principle: raw eggs can be turned into a cooked scrambled egg, but not the reverse). Synthesized data, as well as all models, instruments, services and other intellectual property used to create such synthesized data, are in principle the property of the AFN Group of companies.

Transfer of either raw data belonging to the user, or transfer of processed data that can be identified to a particular user, requires explicit consent from the registered user.

By the same principle, any future investor in AFN will also not have access to the raw data of registered users, and must comply with this same Data Propriety Pledge. The initiators, founders and managers of AFN furthermore pledge that they will not sell the AFN enterprise to investors who might gain majority or full control, and thus indirectly gain access to the raw data for their commercial or otherwise benefit and to the detriment of the registered users. In the event that such change of control would nonetheless happen which puts the spirit and intention of this Data Propriety Pledge into danger, the data licenses which AFN makes use of, shall automatically expire, and in this way the raw data becomes automatically unavailable to such a potential future owner.

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